Since you've last heard from us, a lot has happened. We've toured Canada, the US and Europe (twice) to promote our debut record, Expatriate. Some things that happened: we slept in a ditch at a rest stop in British Columbia, we let German women keep us up until dawn eating fish pastry in Hamburg's harbour, we peed off balconies of swanky Los Angeles apartments. We drove through deserts, we drove through mountains, we drove through Sweden. It was all nice, and often bumpy.

We recorded a record called Queen Cities, which will be released September 14 on Aporia Records. We started with 14 songs and widdled them down to 9. We recorded with Chris Stringer (Ohbijou, The Wooden Sky, D’Urbervilles) at John Dinsmore's studio, called the Lincoln County Social Club. It's a lot louder and a lot faster than the first record. It's a record about crossing borders. We named it Queen Cities because everywhere we traveled in Canada, some part of town was named after the Queen. It was comforting and made us a little paranoid at the same time, like some one was watching us and leaving us clues.

After we finished recording, Ian moved to New York to be with his girlfriend and all the other cool people who live down there. Now we see him only on special occasions, which we call "practice". We played a lot of keyboard parts on the record, so now we need 5 people to play live. Usually the fifth person is Chris Stringer, but sometimes we have to find some one else. It's annoying to find some one else to play with, but having an outsider in the room keeps us honest. Don't fight in front of the guest.

-Ben Spurr

Queen Cities
APCD-036 [14.09.2010]

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APCD-029 [19.08.2008]

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Tightrope (Tokyo Police Club Remix) 7 inch 45
M7S-007 [01.01.2007]

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The Coast
APCD-027 [07.11.2006]

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