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Kinnie Starr cares about the pornification of culture, environmental degradation and water rights, so she writes songs.

With her seventh album, From Far Away, Kinnie is again fusing different folk forms—American, African American and Aboriginal—to protest against the abuses of the 21st Century, from the emotional ills of contemporary culture to the oil and gas industry's misuse of fresh water; her songs speak to a new generation of socially and environmentally engaged citizens.

"I use rap forms and folk forms to try and communicate what I'm interested in, which is primarily the health and well being of people, and that spills out into the health and well being of the environment we occupy," she recently told !earshot magazine.  In addition to touring from Ontario to B.C in support of the album, Kinnie will be joining David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour to promote the need for healthy food, fresh air and clean water for all.

"The title From Far Away was chosen because the song is a tale of being tricked; I feel that in 2014, in an era driven by aggrandization of social media profiles, that we are able to trick each other, and ourselves—we put only flattering photos up, we selfie from the right angle, and so on. I feel like this forced extroversion takes us away from our true natures."

Save Our Waters
Summer Day

We Are Sky
APO-099-DS [07.07.2017]

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From Far Away
APO-065 [09.09.2014]

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Kiss It
APO-053 [20.08.2013]

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