A band named after a place where a mother grew up and a grandfather lived and died, Foam Lake is four blood brothers who have been playing together longer than they can remember.
In late 2008, after the sudden demise of a band half the brothers were members of, the Ross brothers decided it was time to make it official and Foam Lake was born.
By creating infectiously catchy rock n roll laden with synth textures, dynamic rhythms, contemplative lyricism and luscious guitars, Foam Lake are equally at home with swirling keyboard tones as jagged driven guitars. Comprehending the importance of maximizing their dynamic range, their debut full-length Force and Matter swings from absolute thunder to quiet whisper at the drop of a hat, while smartly abandoning frivolous embellishment and instead delivering only exactly enough of what is needed.
2012 touring and showcases include stops at CMW, SxSWNxNE anad Primavera (Spain).
Musical kinships like this don’t come around often anymore – listen up while you can. 

Force and Matter
APO-046 [09.10.2012]

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